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Review of For I am Dead Directed by Patricia Delso Lucas

For I am Dead, a powerful short film produced by Al Nazemian and directed by Patricia Delso Lucas, is eloquently beautiful and poignant, able to stir emotions. It is a journey that the film’s protagonist, Oscar undertakes and realizes that love is perhaps the most important ingredient of a happy and fulfilling life. Al Nazemian, also the producer of this period piece, plays Oscar with must gusto and with a stunning ease.

Oscar is dark and passionate, struggling to find a way of dealing with his homophobia while trying to be true to himself. He is besotted with his gardener, Jude, performed by Riggsby Lane who does a beautiful job but it was Nazemian who takes the trophy home. He speaks through his eyes and makes his audience connect with his demonic conflicts and steals the show in the truest sense of the phrase.

The beauty of Patricia’s nuanced filmmaking lies in the fact that the two main characters were not left alone to perform their best, the supporting cast was believable too. Patricia has been able to create a poetry in motion. Every frame, every detail is taken care of and the outcome is brilliant. She actually wears three hats in this film – director, art-director and production designer.

The music in the film is good and has been directed by Tom Bourgeois while David Ferral has taken care of the sound design part. Both Bourgeois and Ferral have been able to create an experience that stays with you after you have watched the film. The costumes designed by Miguel Peñaranda Olmeda are both beautiful and authentic. The film deals with the complexities of homosexuality and its acceptance in the late 1800 in Europe.

Here, the struggle is more within, the battle being fought is with one’s own self and yet it is never preaching. The director creates a window that helps you take a glimpse of Oscar’s tormented world, you don’t judge him for his self-doubt as you look into his soulful eyes. More such stories of self-acceptance and discovery are needed and we look up to Patricia and Al to bring them to this world.

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