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Review ofA Poet's Childhood By Elizabeth Martina Bishop

Poetry is one of the most powerful forms of expression and is heavily instrumental in helping us understand and connect with the world around us. The origin of these creations can also be equally impactful, as shown in the documentary ‘A Poet’s Childhood’, featuring the life and creations of poetess Elizabeth Martina Bishop. The 24-minute film is an off-camera interview featuring the humble beginnings of the poet and narration of the events in her life which led to her heart-wrenching creations.

The writer of more than 70 books, Elizabeth has spent her entire life immersed in the various forms of art. She is a deeply poetic soul who was able to transcend her own world full of nightmarish events and inspire people with the evocative outpouring of her sincere emotions. The interview is filmed by Luke Daniel Holland, in Dublin at Trinity College, Elizabeth had recently completed her MFA from Carlow University and the exchange program had taken place at the prestigious Trinity College. It gives us valuable insights into how an exceptional childhood and certain events in her life led her to write such gripping and soul-stirring poetry.

She narrates how surviving the whims of her adoptive and rich eccentric mother, the insensitivity of her school towards her dyslexia in childhood, and incidents of public humiliation, all contributed to her emotionally poignant poetry.

During her nightmarish childhood days, poetry had become Elizabeth’s principal aide in venting out her emotions

All her feelings of mistrust caused by people surrounding her were outpoured to create magic with words.

Throughout the film, recitations of her thoughtful and heartfelt poems transport the viewers to the poetess’ world. “Anna”, “Moon Drenched Mountain”, “Pagoda Music”, “Poems for the Gray Wolf”, “Mystic Meditation” are some of her nuanced and profound creations recited by her in this documentary. Long after the film is finished, these continue to resonate in our minds for long, and that alone should prove their reflective emotional strength.

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