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Project Abaddon: RISE OF THE DESTROYER written by Pete Borreggine and Gary Hauger

Seeking the truth about his long-missing father, a VR engineer leaves the comfort of his simulations to join an intergalactic group of misfits on a harrowing voyage to save humanity from extinction.

While defending his dog against three MENACING BOYS in a field near his village, young BATUO CHIANG, discovers a glowing stone disc. A SUPER tells us we’re in China circa 476 A.D. He gives the disc to his father, QI JIGUANG, who tells him the disc is a Dropa Stone. Swearing Chiang to secrecy, Jiguang hides the disc in a leather pouch with various other stones. Meanwhile in Germania, GISELLA DASHIRA finds a similar stone. She shows it to her mother, LINA, who, similar to Jiguang, hides it away.

Another SUPER tells us we’re in Huntsville, AL, circa 2365. Colleagues DR. ZAO CHIANG and DR. CARLA DASHIRA are tasked with a clandestine mission by their superior officer, CAPTAIN EMILY COLBURN. Their goal? To seek out the source of an unknown energy burst coming from the Pleiades Star Cluster. The two accept, leaving Colburn alone to consort with a DARK FIGURE, who informs Colburn she’ll be “rewarded mightily” for her cooperation in sealing Zao and Dashira’s fate.

At the Pleiades Cluster, Zao and Carla’s science vessel GALILEO is mysteriously shot down. Cut to another SUPER: “20 Years Later. 2385.” In a Zen garden, KEN CHIANG fights a hologram of his father, Zao, irritated over his inferiority to his late-father’s technique. Seemingly everything he does is inferior to his father’s approach. M.I.K.E., Ken’s Android, informs Ken of someone waiting for him in the lobby. It’s ROZ CHAVEZ, who tells Ken both his and her respective parents, Zao and Carla, are still alive, being double crossed by Colburn so many years ago.

Showing Zao a Dropa Stone around her neck similar to his own, she orders him to Mars within 24 hours. Step one of her plan handled, Roz saves emissary CYRIL BOQUE from an Illieanar pirate ship with the help of her associates: cyborg AMELIA CORDOEN, ex-alliance officer and captain of the spaceship Archimedes KIERIANA MAHR, and Milliean reptilian EULIEN VASCHE.

Safe aboard the Archimedes, Captain Mahr asks the emissary why Ken is so crucial to the mission Boque is tasking the crew with. The diplomat informs the crew of Ken’s origins, as well as the fact M.I.K.E. is the only AI unit with a shortcut to their final destination: the Pleiades Cluster, where Carla and Zao found a powerful starship lost for eons, one with the means to wipe out humanity - as happened with Boque’s own race many years ago by the Denisovans, back when they had the starship in question.

Meanwhile on Mars, M.I.K.E. and Ken split up to find information, leaving Ken open to shapeshifter XENIA OVIS, who appears to him as Roz. Hoping to avoid Roz’s ex, pirate RODRIGO RODRIGUEZ, Ovis (as Roz) pulls Ken into an alcove for a kiss, taking the opportunity to steal the disc around Ken’s neck in the process. Catching him again at a bar, Ovis (as Roz again) tricks Ken into uploading a tracking device on himself, one that will allow her and lovesick Rodrigo to follow the real Roz.

Because of his ignorance, Ken and M.I.K.E. are being followed by Ovis and her henchmen, who fire at them from all directions. Suddenly, the real Roz and crew join the fight, making their way to the Archimedes in one piece. With a moment to collect themselves, M.I.K.E. informs Ken, Roz, Vasche, and Captain Mahr he doesn’t know the coordinates as they are locked in a secure area of his brain. Sure this is a job for cyborg and engineering extraordinaire Cordoen, Vasche takes M.I.K.E. to be unlocked, leaving the robot smitten with his capable handler.

Too busy celebrating extracting the coordinates hidden in M.I.K.E., no one takes note of the “Denisovan Transmission” message momentarily flashing on a drop-down visor attached to M.I.K.E. Successfully through the wormhole coordinates, Roz informs Captain Mahr the ship seems to be “flying itself.” Meanwhile, Colburn is in pursuit of Archimedes, having placed her own tail on Ken’s android, M.I.K.E.

A BRIDGE CREWPERSON informs Colburn of the Denisovan Transmission, who orders the ship to follow the signal. Reaching the Pleiades Cluster, the Archimedes crew marvel at the sight. Just then, the ship’s engine is attacked as the crew is thrown about the ship, powerless to stop their crash. They come to a furious rest near Zao and Carla’s ship. In a nearby crevasse, a familiar blue and yellow light can be seen.

In Maor Prime, Boque informs guard DAEMONA TASHARA that the Archimedes has crashed near the artifact, that Illieanar pirates led by Rodrigo and Ovis are expected to reach the Archimedes soon. Meanwhile aboard the ship, M.I.K.E. pulls a bar out of Roz’s chest, showing the crew her GenMod blood at work as her wounds heal before an inspired Vasche and Mahr. Equally wounded but not as genetically blessed, Ken’s wounds are fatal.

In a flashback, a dying Ken has an inspirational conversation with Zao. The crew gives Ken a blood transfusion - Roz’s - while Ken comes to. As the team celebrates, the Illieanar pirate ship makes it through the wormhole to the Pleiades Cluster at the same time Colburn’s ship is hit. Spotting Ovis coming her way, Roz and her Smith and Wesson’s hang back as the rest of the crew investigates the deep crevasse near the crash site.

Pulled into the starship ABADDON, the crew are mesmerized by the seemingly button-less, sleek black ship. Outside, Tashara and Boque have arrived, taking an offensive stance against both Colburn’s Grand Alliance ship and Rodrigo’s Illieanar pirate ship, wreaking significant havoc on both vessels. Aboard the Abaddon, Rodrigo finds Roz, pouring his heart out to her while Ovis shoots Ken. In another flashback dream, Zao appears to Ken again, telling him to chart his own path.

Ken wakes up to a cacophony of fighting then the image of a woman, whose presence knocks everyone back and away from each other. Abaddon The Ship orders everyone to stop fighting, explaining to them the human race has failed, that earth needs to be reset. Feeling the barrage of assaults coming from Colburn’s vessel, Abaddon takes off with the help of the crew, forcing them to work together.

Tashara and Boque order their Maorathi guns against Colburn’s ship, who orders her crew to abandon post before escaping out a pod herself, which is shot down, marking the end of the UEA’s dark ops fleet. Aboard Abaddon, the crew, including Tashara and Boque, is informed by Abaddon they are to put their issues aside in order to save humanity from her creators, the planet resetting Denisovans. By destroying her creators - as she is programmed to do no harm to them herself - the crew will set her free and save the galaxy as they know it. Side by side, the Maorathi Battlecruiser and the Abaddon cruise through space, enveloped by a vortex of color coming from the Abaddon, soon swallowing them up and out of sight.


Writer Biography - Pete Borreggine

Pete Borreggine is a proud, former member of the US Navy, a service-connected disabled veteran of the pre-Gulf War era. His current projects include his debut science fiction novel under his pen name: Patrick Donovan, called: FUTURECAST. He writes reviews for the Hollywood Times that include films and documentaries from HBO Films, CBS/ALL ACCESS, ESPN Films 30 for 30,, ID Discovery, shorts and foreign films as well as interviews with actors, producers and writers. He’s a great storyteller and visionary. He brings his wealth of knowledge of how to piece together the stories, arcs, and characters. His book was originally edited by Nan Gatewood-Satter.

Here are her words as the synopsis for FutureCAST:

“Harold Keeley, a television weatherman, stumbles onto a system to control the weather after his friend and business partner, who designed the system, mysteriously dies in a car accident. Unbeknownst to him, the system also has weapons applications, the development of which have been paid for by a power-hungry billionaire businessman and supported at the highest levels of the U.S. government. When Keeley experiments with the system in order to increase his television ratings, the results are deadly, and the ultimate ramifications threaten the very future of the earth. It is up to Keeley, a doomed NASA astronaut abandoned in space, and a former undercover operative, recalled to duty for one last mission to disable the system and remove the threat of an imminent planet-wide catastrophe.” He loves creating stories with meaning and hope as with Abaddon; it’s about Honor, Integrity, Truth and Family. He gets the job done, is not afraid to meet and speak to total strangers and believes in networking. He’s a great personal guy with a big heart and understands the art of creating value for a product. Pete is the driving force behind and the creator of Project Abaddon and is the managing founder of (A WGA Signatory company) and founding partner of Magic Hammer Entertainment, LLC.

Links to Pete’s Sites:

Writer Biography - Gary Hauger

Gary has been crafting quality screenplays since 1995 and has written in a multitude of genres. This is Gary’s second foray into the science fiction genre. In the past he has written horror, westerns, period pieces as well as action and mainstream detective scripts. His work has been considered for Star Trek: Enterprise and the CBS drama Without a Trace. Gary has also served as the public relations director for The Maine Studios and has several published news articles to his credit and he's the owner of a fantasy card gaming company


Writer Statement

In today’s films, diversity and woman-driven films is becoming more prominent but it’s still a challenge. Project Abaddon: RISE OF THE DESTROYER is going to start the ball rolling in a new direction and on both sides of the camera. We have a talented crew and cast that, although is scheduled, will be a mix of talent, diversity (including a strong mix of LGBTQ), disabled, women-strong and with US Military Veterans through the VME Connect program. (Veterans in Media and Entertainment).

I believe, as the creator of this IP, we need a mix of what America is made up of. Also, I am a senior software engineer and come at Hollywood with a different lens, so-to-speak. I see this project as an entire package with Games, Apps, Websites, Mini-series, Webisodes connecting the feature film, then morphing to a sci-fi streaming series.

Back in January 2019, I was contacted by a VP of Administration of WBTV from Warner Bros Studios Geriann McIntosh. I was able to do this on my own with no vetting, no agent and no manager. I personally met with Geriann on 31 JAN 2020 for over an hour. She loves the concept, feels it needs to be a feature first, then a streaming series and asked me why this hasn’t been made yet? I’ve also been working with Steve Longi (Longitude Entertainment), who I’ve paid to do four sessions with to hone my story and script. Steve is a fantastic producer, writer, and helped my good friend Gregory Crosby with his film of Desmond Doss in Hacksaw Ridge, directed by Mel Gibson. It received six Oscar nominations, so I believe I am in good company. I've had my script covered 8 times since May 2020 and I'm working with writer Wayne Powers (The Italian Job) who would come aboard as lead screenwriter. He and I get along well, and he has a great direction for the series. Currently, we’re in 14 screenplay competitions, placed quarterfinalist in 3, made the top 19% of all of CoverFly’s Discoverable projects and made their RedList. We’re in the Paris, Toronto and Austin film festivals for screenplays as of today: 7-22-2021.

All in all, Project Abaddon is serious contender, but we cannot do this without serious people like who I've assembled. We now have an int'l distribution channel with Glass House Distribution giving me a Letter of Intent for international distribution. Our mood board and pitch deck are ready, the script is final and a budget by Michael Demeritt is being done. An origin story and spin off planned. The best part, as I said, I’m a computer software engineer developing A.I., we will be using that A.I. in our movie, apps, series, and websites with the company I’m working for. We have captured the attention of Lucie-Arnaz Luckinbill and her husband Larry to use our A.I. with Desilu Studio’s II. Yes, a real A.I. in a real-world scenario. The android in our movie is M.I.K.E. which stands for: Modular Intelligent Kylinic Engine is a great addition to the cast, and we intend to build M.I.K.E. and have him appear at conventions and other promotional events. What I am proposing is a merging of entertainment and IT (Information Technology) into ENTERTECH as an entire package. This is the future of entertainment and one that I believe will drive the next generation of IT and ET. A new Journey Begins. Care to join us? Let's Soar!


Project Type: Screenplay

Genres: Sci-fi, space adventure, space, indiana jones in space

Number of Pages: 116

Country of Origin: United States

Language: English


Project submission link:

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