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How to Make a Film Within a Short Time

Being able to make a film within a short period is one of the key skills that a filmmaker needs to learn. While strict time limits in the film production are the norm, you need to learn how to make a film within a short window of production, especially in your early days of filmmaking. This is not as hard as it sounds, and with the correct planning, your production will be completed smoothly within a restrictive window of production.

Streamlining the script:

To keep the filmmaking process straightforward, it’s essential to have a carefully planned script. Edit out all the unfeasible and excess portions from the script and streamline the script. Before you start the filming process, make sure that everything in the script is filmable. You can always improvise later if time and resources permit.


Planning every step before filmmaking starts is crucial to staying within a small schedule. A finalized script, storyboards, and planned out timings and schedules of cast and crew will help you keep your filmmaking process on track.

Team and Equipment:

Above everything else, filmmaking is a team effort. So, it’s important to ensure that the schedules and timings of your team are pre-fixed, keeping every member in mind. Take care of your team’s basic needs like food, water and restrooms. A happy and cooperative team will warrant a smooth and enjoyable shoot. Also, make sure that you have the proper equipment ahead of the filming process. Go over the script and storyboards multiple times, think about the requirements of each shot and have the right cameras, lights, sounds and other equipment tested and ready.


While the filmmaking process is critical, your film will take its final form at the editor’s table. Familiarize yourself with the editing software ahead of filming, and set aside plenty of time in your schedule to edit your film to best suit your vision.


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