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How to become professional screenwriter

Turning a professional as a screenwriter is a dream for many writers, but earning money as a writer is still an arduous task at this age. But some basic steps will help you move towards that elusive professional screenwriting career.

Internships: Internships are the first proving ground where writers learn the necessary skills of their profession. There is only so much one can learn at a writing school, and the ways of the industry can be learnt only when one starts to work. These internships and jobs teach the necessary tricks of the trade. Also, you can receive some crucial feedback on your writing, from professional writers.

Keep Writing: This step might be a no-brainer but is extremely important if you want to produce quality professional work. Study successful scripts, educate yourself on the craft, and start writing your screenplay. As you maintain your habit of writing daily, your versatility and proficiency will increase with time, increasing your chances of getting hired as a professional writer.

Enter contests: Entering scriptwriting contests is a great way to get noticed in the professional circle. There are a lot of such contests out there, but you need to consider some factors before picking one. Choose contests that have a long history, feature prominent producers and development executives as judges, and avoid the ones with hefty submission fees.

Network: You won’t gain anything by writing scripts if you cannot get your scripts read, and passed up the ladder. The film industry is a people’s industry, and you need to put as much energy into making connections here, as you have to do in writing. The connections you make as an intern or in contests and film festival circuits might end up being the people hiring and producing you. As you can see, there is a lot of hard work involved in breaking into professional screenwriting. None of the above tips can guarantee you anything, but they will teach you how the industry works, and guide you towards the way you should work.


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