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Conflict, and a Bit of Magic, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film - Directed by Barbara Becker Holstein

The 'Girl' is traumatized by being ditched by a boyfriend, a bully, alcohol and kids taking drugs. Who can understand and help her? Maybe her aunt, who she gets to visit. A Seance with a Medium in which the 'girl's' great grandmother comes through gives her the courage she needs to ask her mom questions and in turn to learn some family secrets. Life becomes more hopeful even though the 'girl' has doubts about the Seance.

Director Statement:

'Conflict, and a Bit of Magic, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film' is the newest selfie film in the life of a girl, based on two books, The Truth and Secrets, starting with The Truth, A Short Film, where the girl was played by Cassidy Terracciano. Then came: Falling in Love; Secrets; Conflict ,The Medium, and now Conflict and a Bit of Magic, all played by Megan Brown. Over the 3 years, the story of a girl's life has unfolded using a new technique which I call Selfie Filmmaking. In each film, the actress filmed all of her own scenes using a smartphone. Then we build a B role around the Selfies, when necessary. This is avant-garde filming in that the actresses once directed by me, went home and in the privacy of their own homes or outdoors filmed all their scenes.

It was an amazing experience for all. The girls developed an intimacy with the character that you can feel. It exudes from the screen. And they also took pride in being in control of their creation of the scenes without everyone watching. They could re-shoot as many times as they wished and only when satisfied sent me the selfie. As a psychologist/filmmaker I am amazed at the potential this type of filming can have. I hope to see it someday become part of mainstream film work.

Director Biography - Barbara Becker Holstein

Psychologist in private practice in New Jersey for over 30 years. Specialities are Positive Psychology and Women's Issues. Became a Filmmaker two years ago after also becoming an author and playwright. Film making was the natural progression to continue to bring to the public important issues in development and self-esteem that particularly pertain to women. Coming of Age is one of the most important hurdles that a woman faces, filled with the issues of leaving childhood behind, the storm of the hormones and finding a place for oneself in society that is healthy, productive and fulfilling for whoever the young woman is becoming. In today's world, it is very stressful with the added pressures of bullies, drugs, overstressed parents, school violence, etc. My films show resiliency and give hope but also clearly turn solution making back where it should be, on all of us.


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